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Remler’s sec­ond ap­pli­ca­tion for the ‘jazz’ melodic mi­nor (R-2- 4-5-6-7) is to su­per­im­pose this scale a semi­tone higher than a func­tion­ing or

Bb7#5). re­solv­ing dom­i­nant 7th, such as in bar 2 (B melodic mi­nor over When we con­sider these notes from the root of the in­tended 7th chord we get the fol­low­ing in­ter­vals: Root, #9th, 3rd, #5th,7th. This is com­monly la­belled as the Al­tered scale or the Su­per­locrian mode and

Bb you’ll hear it a lot in Emily’s play­ing (eg B melodic mi­nor = Al­tered scale). The re­main­ing con­tent fol­lows the chords with a se­lec­tion of ap­pro­pri­ate arpeg­gios and chord tones, so you can com­pare the note se­lec­tion with the as­so­ci­ated chord sym­bols to ap­pre­ci­ate the ex­plicit con­nec­tions.

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