Ex­am­ple7 Ba­sic bossa comp­ing

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Emily was an ex­pert with Latin-based styles (re­mem­ber she worked with Astrud Gil­berto), with Bossa comp­ing a par­tic­u­lar Remler spe­cial­ity. The key to mak­ing this authen­tic is to avoid syn­co­pa­tion in the bass. These notes should re­main fixed to beats 1 and 3 ex­clu­sively, with all the rhyth­mic in­ter­est pro­vided by the tre­ble. As we re­quire three notes in the tre­ble along with one in the bass, dis­pense with the pick en­tirely and use thumb (p), first (i), sec­ond (m) and third fin­ger (a). You’re af­ter a fluid and legato sound through­out, so aim to let the notes ring for their full writ­ten value.

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