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The move­ment from a Bm (ad­dII) to a Gm6 is not what you’d ex­pect but part of the ap­peal of Jeff’s writ­ing and play­ing was his un­ex­pected chord moves. In ad­di­tion he made ex­ten­sive use of open strings to add ex­tra texture to his chord voic­ings.

A hand­ful this one! You’ll want to use your fret­ting hand thumb (marked as ‘T’ on the tab­la­ture) to hook over and fret the F# on 2nd fret, sixth string.

Dis­so­nance was a big fea­ture of Jeff’s gui­tar style and writ­ing but as he was a well-schooled mu­si­cian he knew how to get into and out of these chords with­out leav­ing a sour taste!

A typ­i­cal Buck­ley-es­que strum­ming pat­tern here but re­mem­ber you have a re­laxed, swing feel to con­tend with, so make sure you are re­ally get­ting all of these strummed with cor­rect tim­ing.

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