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Th­ese Gospel V chords can be seen as re­plac­ing a V-I re­la­tion­ship; how­ever, they can be used more freely. For ex­am­ple, they can be used as a sub­sti­tu­tion for any dom­i­nant 7 chord, which might for ex­am­ple ap­pear on the first or fourth de­gree of the key (as it does in a blues) or on the (a com­mon

Bb/ Ab/ Eb/ ‘bor­rowed’ chord from the mi­nor key). All of th­ese give the chords C B F and F/G (see the ex­am­ple be­low). See, for ex­am­ple, The Jack­sons’ Blame It On The Boo­gie or Her­bie Han­cock’s Maiden Voy­age, which uses the chord lib­er­ally and with­out res­o­lu­tion.

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