Ex­am­ple6a ‘GOSPEL V’ CHORDS

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GCHere’s a beau­ti­ful (and very use­ful) slash chord us­age that comes from the gospel and soul gen­res and is now a sta­ple of pop har­mony. As men­tioned in Ex­am­ple 5, the V-I re­la­tion (eg G or G7 to C) is the core of ‘func­tional tonal har­mony’. How­ever, it has a rather ‘ex­pec­tant’ qual­ity un­suit­able for some

Cid­ioms. The ‘Gospel V chord’ can be seen as a com­bi­na­tion of the ‘softer’ IV-I (pla­gal or ‘amen’ cadence) and a V-I bassline move­ment. The re­sult­ing F/G chord has won­der­ful open and lush qual­ity, here pre­sented in a num­ber of fret­board op­tions as well as the vari­ants of Fadd9/G, Fmaj7/G and Fm/G.

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