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The open­ing chord G7#9 chord is played ru­bato (out of time). On the back­ing track there are four clicks to count you in; just re­mem­ber to stretch the notes past their nor­mal val­ues. You’ll need to fret the fourth and fifth strings by an­gling your third fin­ger care­fully across both. There are five more clicks (the last click is beat one) mark­ing the start of the sec­ond bar and the dou­ble-stop lick. Lis­ten care­fully for th­ese while you’re sus­tain­ing that G7#9 chord.

Eb The tone bend on the third string ( to F on beat three) falls nat­u­rally un­der your first fin­ger, but you’ll achieve greater ac­cu­racy and con­trol if you bend with your sec­ond. Re­turn to the 8th fret po­si­tion by us­ing your third fin­ger to fret the C in the fol­low­ing bar.

Watch out for the ‘mid lick’ po­si­tion jump at the end of this bar. Use your third fin­ger to move to C on the 13th fret im­me­di­ately bend­ing it up a tone to D. Hold the bend while you add the F on the first string with your fourth fin­ger, re-pick­ing the sec­ond string where in­di­cated.

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