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The Fm7 and Gm7 arpeg­gios that fol­low the changes are a re­peated pattern shifted along the strings. Play the fourth-string slide with your sec­ond fin­ger, leav­ing your first fin­ger free for the note that fol­lows on the third string.

Another ‘mid lick’ po­si­tion shift oc­curs on the sec­ond beat here. Break away from the safety of the 8th-fret po­si­tion and move up the neck us­ing your third fin­ger on the sec­ond string and your first fin­ger on the first. This is a tricky method for as­cend­ing through CAGED po­si­tions when solo­ing. The fi­nal slide up to the 15th fret should be played with your first fin­ger; this leaves your third fin­ger free for the 3 bend up to the C in bar 17.

Smoke On The Wa­ter-style dou­ble stops are a fea­ture of the verse sec­tions and should be played with semi-bar­res us­ing your first or third fingers.

Note the use of tri­adic sub­sti­tu­tion here to out­line the chord tones: Eb Ab

triad = maj9; F triad = G11. Lead with your first fin­ger but don’t hold down the chord shape, as the notes should not ring into each other.

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