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This bar fea­tures the tech­nique of pulling-off to open strings with the slide – it will take some prac­tice, but again is well worth the ef­fort. Here Brett’s fa­mous ploy of an­gling the slide to play a ma­jor 3rd in­ter­val on the third and sec­ond strings (last notes in the bar). This an­gling

[Bar 32]

tech­nique only re­ally works if you place the slide on the sec­ond fin­ger of the fret­ting hand. Get­ting the in­to­na­tion cor­rect is ob­vi­ously tricky as the an­gle of the slide changes slightly de­pend­ing on the spac­ing of the frets. How­ever, gen­er­ally, more an­gle is re­quired than you’d ini­tially ex­pect.

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