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The fol­low­ing 17 chord shapes are used al­most ex­clu­sively in this per­for­mance by Tim, and are a fan­tas­tic re­source for any­one in (or ven­tur­ing into) the jazzblues genre. Note that th­ese are pre­sented with the roots in black (and the other in­ter­vals la­belled). So long as you know the notes on the fifth and sixth strings you can play any of th­ese great chord shapes in any key. Some of th­ese chords are in­verted, and do not con­tain a root, and for th­ese I’ve in­di­cated in blue where the im­plied root can be found to help you lo­cate the cor­rect po­si­tion – but they are not in­tended to be played (and in some cases are im­pos­si­ble).

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