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Here’s a great per­for­mance through two cho­ruses of a 12-bar blues. Tim uses fin­ger­style through­out, but in a rather in­tu­itive man­ner; how­ever, hy­brid pick­ing (and even pure plec­trum with ju­di­cious use of fret­ting-hand mut­ing) would be equally valid. Re­gard­less, I’ve in­di­cated in the sec­ond voice (stems down) where a thumb (or pick in hy­brid pick­ing) might be ap­pro­pri­ate. All the de­vices dis­cussed are present here with the ad­di­tion of the oc­ca­sional use of open strings and muted notes to ‘fill in’ some rhyth­mic gaps – for ex­am­ple in bars 14,19 and 24. Take this slowly and, above all, rhyth­mi­cally re­laxed but pre­cise. It’s im­per­a­tive that you know where you are in the 12-bar se­quence at ev­ery given mo­ment.

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