Guitar Techniques - - INTRO -

This en­tire study con­sists of re­peated triplet arpeg­gios with long bass notes and an up­per melody line in crotch­ets (quar­ter notes). Th­ese melody notes can be iden­ti­fied by their sin­gle up­ward point­ing stems and they need to stand out slightly in tone and vol­ume from the re­main­ing triplets. For the first five bars I have in­di­cated pick­ing hand fin­ger­ing. I like to in­clude the thumb a lot in the triplet pattern as it is good for flu­ency and tech­ni­cal con­trol. This ap­proach can be used through­out the piece. On the third triplet note of bar 12 (D note, 3rd fret) add a full barre at the third fret to pre­pare for the next bar.

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