Ex­am­ple6 Bluesy oc­taves with slides and chord frag­ments

Guitar Techniques - - INTRO -

While we’ve seen much of the melodic ma­te­rial in the pre­ced­ing ex­am­ples, with a bal­ance be­tween oc­taves and chord frag­ments to cre­ate a bluesy ques­tion and an­swer sce­nario, I’d like to draw your at­ten­tion here to the syn­co­pated rhythms. Wes suc­cess­fully bounces be­tween sta­ble ‘on the beat’ phras­ing and propul­sive ‘off beat’ ideas to pro­duce a se­lec­tion of ideas that have for­ward mo­tion and a clear sense of rhyth­mic in­tent.

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