Ex­am­ple8 Al­ter­nate thumb strokes and dim7-m6th con­nec­tion

Guitar Techniques - - INTRO -

This ex­am­ple be­gins at the end, specif­i­cally the turn­around sec­tion of a mi­nor blues se­quence in A mi­nor. In­stead of the usual bluesy V-IV move, here we see the more typ­i­cally jazz IIm-V-I. High brass-like chord voic­ings are punc­tu­ated with yet more oc­taves, played this time with a fast al­ter­nate brush­ing thumb tech­nique. The fol­low­ing chord-melody blues fig­ure con­nects as­cend­ing Am6 (A-C-E-F#) voic­ings with di­min­ished 7ths, im­ply­ing var­i­ous in­ver­sions

E7b9 of (E-G#-B-D-F) to cre­ate a rapid V7-Im pro­gres­sion through the var­i­ous in­ver­sions. Don’t worry: it’s eas­ier to play than it sounds and once you’ve got this un­der your fingers you have one of the cor­ner­stone moves of clas­sic Wes chord-melody down.

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