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The notes in the coun­try-in­flu­enced line in this bar are taken from E Mixoly­dian, and most of them are E7 chord tones. The first seven notes in this bar are all notes of a D ma­jor triad, thus out­lin­ing the un­der­ly­ing chord. Even though the re­main­ing notes are a re­turn to an ear­lier mu­si­cal mo­tif, note how only one note isn’t a chord tone of D7. Fi­nally, the bulk of this sec­tion is de­voted to the A7. Again, most of the notes are chord tones: even the C notes are try­ing to inch their way back to the more ‘cor­rect’ C# notes ‚ oc­cu­py­ing that har­monic no man’s land that gives the blues some of its grit. Cus­tom­ar­ily, al­though there are many chord tones to choose from over the E7, the root is the only one played here; con­ve­niently, it also be­longs to each of the var­i­ous pre­vail­ing A scales used through­out the solo (Mixoly­dian, ma­jor Blues scale, mi­nor blues etc).

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