Ex­am­ple1 Quar­tal Har­mony – Blues Scale, Har­monised Ma­jor Scale and Modes

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Here are four sets of quar­tal voic­ings that are use­ful in many mu­si­cal styles.

G Blues scale, har­monised close voic­ings on top four strings. All the shapes are the same us­ing stacked 4th in­ter­vals and are led by the top note of

Bb, each chord voic­ing fol­low­ing the G Blues scale (ie G, then then C etc).

C Ma­jor har­monised in 4ths on the mid­dle four strings. All notes are 4ths but to fit within the Ma­jor scale they will be ei­ther per­fect or aug­mented 4ths.

Ap­plied quar­tal har­mony, G Mixoly­dian on the top four strings. This shows the ap­pli­ca­tion of quar­tal struc­tures as they agree with G Mixoly­dian (G-A-B-C-D-E-F). No­tice each chord’s top note fol­lows Mixoly­dian it­self. The chord names are for anal­y­sis and de­scribe the dif­fer­ent voic­ings of dom­i­nant chords, G11 and G13.

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