Ex­am­ple6 Com­bined quar­tal voic­ings in a bluesy R&B style

Guitar Techniques - - INTRO -

EThis light blues pro­gres­sion in the style of The Cru­saders shows Mixoly­dian and Do­rian shapes com­bined. When you have looked at the lay­ers for a while you Eb9=Bbm7 Bb7= will con­nect them to­gether in a static II-V layer – or Fm7. Also no­tice the added chro­matic shapes in Bar 4, beat 2 & e (F#-B-E top), and Bar

Ab-Db-Gb- 10, beat 4e ( B top) added for smooth con­nec­tion. This is in the style of gui­tar wiz Phil Upchurch, so a clean jazz gui­tar tone is re­quired.

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