ExamplE5 half-Di­min­iSheD to Di­min­iSheD ii-v-i voic­ingS in a funky groove

Guitar Techniques - - LEARNING ZONE -

This ex­am­ple gives a II-V-I move­ment in the five CAGED shape sets. The dim chords have now all been ‘moved’ by mi­nor 3rds to cre­ate good voice lead­ing. To make it a bit more in­ter­est­ing I have added some VI and III chords as well. The only ‘chal­leng­ing’ move­ment is the last II-V-I set in bar 9 where the m7 5

thed5imin thCem­ba­js7s. Use a clean tone from the neck pickup for the­sem­jaazzj7 voic­ings, light com­pres­sion and hy­brid fin­ger­ing (pick and fin­gers).

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