ExamplE6 BeBop BlueS uS­ing Di­min­iSheD anD 13 voic­ingS in a jazz groove

Guitar Techniques - - LEARNING ZONE -

This be-bop blues pro­gres­sion fea­tures all the chords we have been look­ing at - m7 5, di­min­ished 7 and 13 9. In bar 2 the B 9 is ac­tu­ally a Dm7 5 chord and in bars 3, 7 and 8 the Am7 5 is sub­sti­tut­ing for F9 (it’s an F9 with­out the root). Th3ere are sev­eral di­min­ished chords - moving up in mi­nor 3rds in bars 2, 6 and 8, and as pass­ing chords in bars 1 (chro­mat­i­cally) and 4 (di­a­tonic). Dom­i­nant 13b9

chords are moving in mi­nor 3rds in bar 10, and are work­ing with the m7 5 chord in the fi­nal II-V-I res­o­lu­tion in bar 12. This may all sound be­wil­der­ing to read, but play­ing through the ex­am­ples should clar­ify things nicely.

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