ExamplE1 Full Solo 1: BLUESY Swing­ing 6/8

Cd track 70

Guitar Techniques - - LEARNING ZONE -

[Bars 18-21] The arpeg­gios in bars 18 and 19 come straight from C Mixoly­dian (C-Bb-Am-Gm) with the open third string be­tween to act as a tech­ni­cal con­nec­tion de­vice and also to add some sonic ‘glue’ be­tween the shapes. For the e7 alt this time around we se­lect the as­so­ci­ated Al­tered or ‘Su­per­locrian’ (r-b2-#2-3-b5-#5-b7). scale no­tice how le­gato Scott’s phras­ing is, with al­most no in­stances of un­in­ter­rupted con­sec­u­tive pick­ing, us­ing as many ham­mer-ons and pull-offs as pos­si­ble. [Bars 22-25] We fin­ish this first solo with two cool con­cepts. The first com­bines string-skipped Pen­ta­ton­ics with su­per­im­po­si­tion, with e mi­nor Pen­ta­tonic (5-b7-r-2-4) (#9-b5-#5jux­ta­posed against Am and F mi­nor against d Al­tered b7-b9). The sec­ond idea in bars 24 and 25 show how Scott turns a rep­e­ti­tion idea around by repeating spe­cific notes within a pat­tern rather like this: 123-123123-112-312 etc, with the num­bers in this ex­am­ple rep­re­sented as notes grouped in triplets.

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