TEch­niquE fo­cuS

Warm­ing up

Guitar Techniques - - PLAY CLASSICAL -

It’s al­ways very good to warm up slowly when prac­tis­ing. Just 10-15 min­utes of prepa­ra­tion can set you up for a re­ally ben­e­fi­cial prac­tice ses­sion, and pro­tect you against in­jury. One (of many) pos­si­ble ap­proaches to warm­ing up is to take a very small sec­tion of a piece you are work­ing on, and play it ex­tremely slowly, fo­cus­ing on re­laxed pre­ci­sion, clar­ity of tone and ef­fi­ciency of mo­tion. In this way you can im­prove your tech­nique, warm up op­ti­mally and im­print a se­cure mus­cle mem­ory in your reper­toire.

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