Example3 Dom­i­nant 7#5 Chords used in a Light Fu­sion Groove

Guitar Techniques - - LEARNING ZONE -

This R&B groove uses mi­nor 9th and Dom­i­nant 11th chords. In Ex­am­ple 1, the 7#5 sounds chal­leng­ing, but in a pro­gres­sion it’s fan­tas­tic, the dis­so­nant flavour re­solv­ing nicely. This ex­am­ple uses Shape 1 in bars 4 and 8, Shape 3 in bar 2 and shape 4 in bar 6. Shapes 2 and 4 are iden­ti­cal voic­ings (R-#5- 3) just played on dif­fer­ent string sets. The shape I in bar 7 is an­other vari­a­tion, re­ally just shape 5 moved over a string set for a bet­ter sound.

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