Top Three Licks In The Piece

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Lick 1: Bars 19-21 Quar­ter-note triplets

This rhyth­mic sub­di­vi­sion may be a new feel to you. The crotchet (quar­ter-note) triplet is very ef­fec­tive and is nat­u­rally syn­co­pated against the pulse. Take some time to get the sound in your head and give it a whirl for your own so­los.

Lick 2: Bar 47 Large in­ter­val phrase

The flashy phrase in bar 47 is re­ally worth learn­ing as it is both im­pres­sive and so­phis­ti­cated. But take it slowly at first due to the large in­ter­vals that might be un­fa­mil­iar to you – th­ese are, of course, a Brett Garsed trade­mark.

Lick 3: Bar 67 Fin­ger-twist­ing fin­ish­ing lick

The fi­nal phrase from bar 67 is played free time against a held chord. This is another fin­ger twister, which bucks con­ven­tion and uses the le­gato tech­nique to the full. The fi­nal note is played with a slap of the hand.

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