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Guitar Techniques - - PLAY -

[Bars 10 – 21] In bar 10 the next theme takes over. Keep the melody nice and crisp in bar 10, mute the low D bass note on beat 2 – do this with the pick­ing hand thumb right af­ter you pluck the sec­ond beat G bass note. In bar 11 make sure you sus­tain the notes cor­rectly to get the syn­co­pa­tion over­lap of the melody and bass. On the fi­nal beat of bar 12 use a full barre and then par­tially lift it for beat 1 of bar 13 so you get the bass note F but no top notes ring­ing over. On the sec­ond qua­ver (eighth note) beat of bar 14 use a five-string barre at the 5th fret and re­lease it on beat 3.

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