Ex­am­ple 2 Half-time feel mo­ti­fic devel­op­ment

Guitar Techniques - - LEARNING ZONE -

Here we see how Steve ma­nip­u­lates a mo­ti­fic fig­ure based on mi­nor 3rds over a im-ivm move (Cm7-Fm7), via im­plied i7 (C7) chord6. The di­min­ished 7 arpeg­gio in bar 7 is a bi-prod­uct of the un­der­ly­ing (G-B-d-F-Aoe7 B-d-F-Ab. chord the notes of Bdim7 be­ing There’s another mo­ti­fic fig­ure in the clos­ing bars, al­though here we’re ex­ploit­ing in­ter­val of a per­fect 5th.

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