Ex­am­ple 4 8-bar form samba cho­rus

Guitar Techniques - - LEARNING ZONE -

The trick to the vast ma­jor­ity of ‘changes’ based play­ing is much sim­pler than most play­ers re­alise. Es­sen­tially, you need to con­cern your­self with con­nect­ing the notes from one chord to the notes in the next in the smoothest and most in­ter­est­ing way you can, and this is pre­cisely what Steve is do­ing here. There are some har­monic points of note such as in bar the use, al­beit briefly, of the Al­tered scale against d7 in bar 4 (r- 2-#2-3b5-#5-b7), and we see that ma­jor 7th in de­scend­ing mi­nor 3rds 7, fol­lowed by a dif­fer­ent Al­tered scale idea in bar 9.

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