Ex­am­ple 5 Over­driven funky pen­ta­tonic out­side ideas

Guitar Techniques - - LEARNING ZONE -

As you’ve no doubt gath­ered by now, Khan is con­sid­ered quite the ex­pert when it comes to Pen­ta­tonic scales. Here we see how he can cre­ate a sense of in­side-out­side ten­sion-re­lease by mov­ing be­tween G Mi­nor, E, Mi­nor, G Mi­nor, B Mi­nor and fi­nally re­solv­ing the G Mi­nor Pen­ta­tonic scales, all against a static G mi­nor vamp. The trick here is to de­liver clearly de­fined rhyth­mi­cally bol­mu­si­cal state­ments, rather than just weak shape­less noo­dle. Of­ten, the ‘wrong’ notes played with in­tent can sound bet­ter than the ‘right’ ones with no sense of di­rec­tion.

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