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Bar 1] We are in stan­dard ‘pima’ pick­ing hand ter­ri­tory here so you can use the thumb for the sixth, fifth and fourth strings and the first, sec­ond and third fin­gers for the third, sec­ond and first strings re­spec­tively.

[Bar 2] al­though the un­der­ly­ing chord is sim­ply e mi­nor, this is the sort of ap­proach that Baez takes to ad­ding some melodic in­ter­est. as­cend­ing and de­scend­ing e Mi­nor scale ideas on the fourth string are used to add some move­ment and melody to the se­quence.

[Bar 5] lis­ten out for the ac­cel­er­a­tion on the sec­ond half of beat two; this rapid down­pick­ing on the fourth and third strings hints at the Span­ish in­flu­ence in Baez’s play­ing.

[Bar 12] The sim­ple lick on beat four at the end of this bar is one of the ar­che­typal 1960s folk licks – any player worth their salt was aware of this phrase that was used to em­bel­lish a G ma­jor chord and you’ll hear it in Paul Si­mon’s play­ing too.

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