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Hold­ing the whammy bar as you play

If you’re used to just oc­ca­sion­ally grab­bing the whammy bar to cre­ate ef­fects or dive-bombs, ex­e­cut­ing ac­cu­rate pitch changes can seem tricky at first. One tip for im­prov­ing your ac­cu­racy is to play the pitch you’re bend­ing down to first; then with prac­tise you will then be able to hit the de­sired note with ease. Hank holds the whammy bar in the palm of his hand, clasp­ing it with his sec­ond, third and fourth fin­gers. Note: Hank Marvin favours the VML ‘Easy-Mute’ tremolo sys­tem be­cause it has an ex­tra bend in the arm to fa­cil­i­tate palm mut­ing of the higher strings.

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