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Guitar Techniques - - INSTRUMENTALS -

A big part of Hank’s sound was his use of palm mut­ing. How­ever, he didn’t re­strict the use of this tech­nique to low-string riffs as mod­ern play­ers would, he ap­plied it to en­tire melodies, both in sin­gle-note pas­sages and dou­ble-stops. don’t mute too heav­ily, as Hank’s sound was only half muted; the pitches were still clearly au­di­ble. You will also need to ad­just the po­si­tion of your palm, par­tic­u­larly when play­ing the dou­ble-stops in bars 7 and 8, to en­sure the tech­nique is ap­plied evenly across phrases. If your whammy bar is float­ing, avoid press­ing too hard or you’ll push the muted notes sharp.

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