Ex­am­ple 9 Modes Har­monised in Chords (ex­er­cise)

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Khan is equally me­thod­i­cal with chord voic­ings. Here’s an ex­er­cise that ad­vo­cates based around tak­ing a scale or mode and choos­ing an ap­pro­pri­ate chord voic­ing with each note in turn as the high­est voice. Here’s a de­scend­ing (r-b7-6-5-4-3-2-r) pat­tern for C ly­dian (r-7-6-5-#4-3-2-r), C Mixoly­dian and C do­rian (r- 71-46-5 3-2-r). The spe­cific shapes are op­tional as­sum­ing, of course, that the com­po­nent notes be­long in the host scale, but the voic­ings pre­sented are a good place to be­gin, as they are both son­i­cally co­he­sive and tech­ni­cal not so tricky as to present an ob­sta­cle when con­nect­ing at speed.

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