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[Bar 1–10] Fred­die King’s solo, from our ‘fan­tasy blues’ jam is in C mi­nor and puts a dif­fer­ent twist on some of the licks. the ba­sic scale is C blues (C-eb-F-Gb-G-bb), but you can still hear the 6th (a) in reg­u­lar use. Watch out for the de­tails; when to clip notes, vi­brato, bends and space.

[Bars 13 – 24] this sim­u­lates al­bert’s style, but with­out the in­con­ve­nience of learn­ing to play back­wards and up­side down in a (C-eb-F-ab-bb). dif­fer­ent tun­ing. the scale po­si­tion is C Mi­nor Pen­ta­tonic Watch out for a tricky de­scend­ing mo­ment in bar 9.

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