Ex­am­ple 6 SOLO

Guitar Techniques - - LEARNING ZONE -

This solo is al­most en­tirely two-handed tap­ping, start­ing with a de­scend­ing se­quence in the E Mi­nor Pen­ta­tonic. Play shape one of the scale with your fret­ting hand and shape three with your tap­ping hand. From bar three is a three-notes-per-string E nat­u­ral Mi­nor scale (E-F#-G-a-B-C#-d), which is played with two ham­mer-ons with the fret­ting hand and a tap on each string. Fi­nally, de­scend the first string with the nat­u­ral Mi­nor scale while tap­ping at the 12th fret, then use pull-offs to de­scend the open strings in the Blues scale in open po­si­tion. Fin­ish with a whammy bar dive-bomb on the open sixth string.

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