Paul Style EXERCISE1

cd track 33

Guitar Techniques - - PLAY -

[Bar 1] This is a study in in­ter­vals of 10ths (a 3rd plus an oc­tave), which gave Paul a dis­tinc­tive ‘Baroque’ sound. Fin­ger­pick­ing al­lows you to pluck the bass and tre­ble strings to­gether; Paul would of­ten also em­ploy a down-up strum with the pick­ing hand first fin­ger while pluck­ing the bass in time.

[Bar 5] The same tech­niques are be­ing em­ployed here, but watch out for some pretty big jumps up and down the fret­board at points like this. Try keep­ing the fret­ting hand fin­gers on or very close to the strings so you can move up and down the neck smoothly.

[Bar 9] A slower move­ment here, but you’ll still need to work to make sure all the chords are clean and the move­ment smooth.

[Bar 14] This dis­so­nance acts as a great piece of ten­sion and re­lease. This type of sound is the hall­mark of a song­writer at the top of his game.

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