Paul Style EXERCISE2

cd track 33

Guitar Techniques - - PLAY -

[Bar 1] Here we are fo­cus­ing on the McCart­ney ‘thumb and strum’ tech­nique on a long chord pro­gres­sion. The thumb plucks the bass string and then the first fin­ger is used to strum the chord with a com­bi­na­tion of down and up­strokes (though feel free to re­verse the or­der if it feels more com­fort­able).

[Bar 4] Here’s an­other great use of dis­so­nance as the nor­mally ma­jor iv chord (F) briefly be­comes mi­nor – again, typ­i­cally Bea­tle-y ten­sion and re­lease.

[Bar 5] The rhythm is slightly dif­fer­ent here but you can still em­ploy the ‘al­ter­nate flick­ing’ strum­ming pat­tern with the first fin­ger.

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