Paul Style EXERCISE3

cd track 33

Guitar Techniques - - PLAY -

[Bar 1] Al­though the ‘thumb and strum’ tech­nique is still in place, here we now have a bass run that punc­tu­ates the changes. For this ex­am­ple i would sug­gest pluck­ing all the bass notes with the pick­ing hand thumb, leav­ing the first fin­ger free to strum the re­main­ing strings that con­tain the chord.

[Bar 6] Each Bea­tle used chords won­der­fully and even slight vari­a­tions like this use of a ma­jor 6 in­stead of a stan­dard ma­jor helped el­e­vate their song­writ­ing and give their play­ing more per­son­al­ity.

[Bar 16] As above, a ma­jor 6 chord fin­ishes things off – if these chord types aren’t yet in your vo­cab­u­lary then make sure you spend some time learn­ing the shapes for mi­nor and ma­jor 6ths (and get your ears used to how they sound, which will help in your own abil­ity to work out the chords in other peo­ple’s songs).

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