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[Bar 1] The 6/8 time sig­na­ture gives things a dif­fer­ent feel and was a me­tre that John em­ployed in sev­eral songs. Pick the bass notes with the thumb but this time in­stead of us­ing the first fin­ger to strum the chords, you can em­ploy a light brush of the ‘i’‘m’ and ‘a’ fin­gers. Just en­sure that the strum­ming hand is re­laxed so that you are not too stri­dent when you strike the strings.

[Bar 3] The runs be­tween each chord can be sounded with the pick­ing hand thumb through­out, but make sure that you keep the tim­ing even when mov­ing from strum­ming sev­eral strings to pick­ing only one.

[Bar 7] Here we find the use of sus2 and sus4 voic­ings, which add an­other char­ac­ter (these chords do not fea­ture a ma­jor or mi­nor 3rd, which gives them a ‘sus­pended’ sound). To see how dis­tinc­tive this sound can be, lis­ten to Ge­orge’s open­ing chord on A Hard Day’s night – a G9­sus4.

[Bar 13] Watch out for the grace notes here – the chal­lenge is to hardly sound them and yet keep the tim­ing in place.

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