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[Bar 1] This ex­am­ple re­ally high­lights the in­flu­ence that Dono­van had on John’s fin­ger­pick­ing style. Clean play­ing and a strong rhyth­mic drive are the essen­tial el­e­ments here and it’s a real work­out for the pick­ing fin­gers.

[Bar 3] Make sure you change smoothly from the Em in the pre­vi­ous bar to this B mi­nor chord; you don’t ac­tu­ally have to use a barre at the sec­ond fret but it may help to even things out if do.

[Bar 5] An­other shift from a ma­jor chord to its par­al­lel mi­nor, in this case a mi­nor chord that con­tains a ma­jor 7th (Cm/maj7).

[Bar 11] All of a sud­den there is a note on the first string, so i would rec­om­mend strik­ing this one with the ‘a’ fin­ger on your pick­ing hand. John’s think­ing was per­haps the most un­ortho­dox of the three gui­tar-play­ing Bea­tles and his play­ing style and chord choices un­der­line this.

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