JOHN Style EXERCISE3 cd track 34

Guitar Techniques - - PLAY -

[Bar 1] This ex­er­cises ac­tu­ally tips the hat to John’s post-Bea­tles work and show­cases how he would ap­proach strum­ming a chord se­quence. You may want to use the re­laxed ‘ima’ strum­ming ap­proach as per the ear­lier ex­am­ple, but you may also use a pick if that feels more com­fort­able.

[Bar 5] The chords are not a prob­lem here but the tricky thing can be Ex 3 main­tain­ing a steady 16th-note rhythm (1-e-and-a-2-e-and-a) at these slower Ex 3 speeds, par­tic­u­larly if you are play­ing un­ac­com­pa­nied. Ge­orge and John both honed their rhythm skills in long play­ing stints in Ham­burg clubs.

[Bar 9] On that note here the rhythm changes, so you have to hold the chords longer – you may find it use­ful to count on sec­tions like this so you don’t lose the sense of where the beat is.

[Bar 16] The ma­jor 7ths here serve to give this ex­am­ple a softer sound and these ‘jazz­ier’ sound­ing chords were a real hall­mark of much of The Bea­tles’ though they didn’t use them in a ‘jazzy’ way.

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