Guitar Techniques - - LEAD -

Lick 1 Bars 11-20: in bars 13-14 the open fourth string is used as a pedal tone, the slide ham­meringon and pulling-off just as a fin­ger would. in bar 18 it’s used to play dou­ble-stops and this leads into some an­gling of the slide (bars 21- 23). it may feel that you need to put more an­gle on than ex­pected.

Lick 2 Bars 21-32: in ad­di­tion to an­gling the slide here again, Brett plays an in­cred­i­bly tasty cou­ple of e7 and a7 licks (21-32) in or­der to nav­i­gate the chords in the bridge sec­tion. These licks are well worth study­ing as they are em­i­nently trans­fer­able to a good old-fash­ioned blues in ei­ther e or a.

Lick 3 Bars 33-40: Here Brett stretches out with more in­ven­tive ideas over the verse sec­tion. Keep a close ear (and eye) on the in­to­na­tion when play­ing in the higher reg­is­ter – it can get a bit tricky up there, since the frets are so much closer to­gether, there­fore leav­ing much less mar­gin for er­ror.

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