ExamplE8 oblique and con­trary mo­tion END­INGS

Guitar Techniques - - LEARNING ZONE -

We round things up with a pair of choice end­ings. each half of this ex­am­ple starts with a two-bar de­scend­ing chord fig­ure while the high tonic re­mains sta­tion­ary. This is re­ferred to as ‘oblique’ mo­tion, where one part moves and an­other re­mains fixed. In the first vari­a­tion the chord sym­bols are im­plied as there are no real bass notes. The sec­ond half of each idea con­sists of two bluesy clichés, one as­cend­ing and one de­scend­ing; the clever twist is to play them at the same time. In the sec­ond vari­a­tion the lines cross over, so a fig­ure that was pre­vi­ously played in the tre­ble ends up in the bass. While im­pro­vi­sa­tion was at the heart of Joe’s play­ing, on oc­ca­sion he re­lied upon the odd well-placed lick and this is a phrase to com­mit to mem­ory and un­veil when the time is right.

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