Guitar Techniques - - CREATIVE ROCK -

ex­am­ple 7 This ex­am­ple em­ploys var­i­ous five-string G and A triad in­ver­sions. each six-note melodic mo­tif fits per­fectly into the un­der­ly­ing sex­tu­plet rhythm (six notes per beat). Here, we’re al­ter­nat­ing be­tween as­cend­ing one triad and de­scend­ing the next. Again, like ex­am­ple 2, try con­struct­ing an ex­am­ple that fea­tures a re­ver­sal of this se­quence, whereby you start with a de­scend­ing tri­a3d fol­lowed by an as­cend­ing one. Tech­ni­cally, each triad is played ei­ther us­ing a sin­gle down-stroke or a sin­gle up­stroke, so you should con­cen­trate on ‘fram­ing’ each triad by fo­cus­ing on the first note that is go­ing to pro­vide both a change in pick di­rec­tion and the first note of a con­tin­u­ous sweep.

ex­am­ple 8 Fi­nally, we’re em­ploy­ing six-string triad shapes. Again, each rep­re­sents a dif­fer­ent in­ver­sion of ei­ther G or A. We start in CAGed shape 5 and shift lat­er­ally up the neck to shape 1 more than an oc­tave higher.

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