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This be­bop blues uses tri­tone sub­sti­tu­tions by adding ex­tra chro­matic pass­ing chords (as in bar 3 with G 7) and side-step­ping from a semi­tone above (bar1,

B7-Bb7); with or be­low the tar­get chord (bar 2 with E7-F7) etc. Also no­tice the use of a di­min­ished chord in bar 6, the ex­tra ac­tiv­ity in Bars 7-8 and the turn­around move­men­tGin7bars 11-12. Writ­ten in the style of ace jazz rhythm player Fred­die Green, it uses three-note chords con­tain­ing just roots, 3rds and

Play all the chords in a rel­a­tively clipped man­ner, but with good at­tack and a nice jazz tone.

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