G7#5b9 Db9 ExamplE4 Tri­Tone har­monic con­ver­sion To

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This ex­am­ple uses the in­for­ma­tion from Ex­am­ple 1d in a II-V-I-VI pro­gres­sion.

II-bII-I. 7#5b9 Again Bar 1 shows the stan­dard II-V-I move; bar 3 shows The is of3ten used as a melodic mi­nor ‘al­tered V’ chord, so also try mov­ing the top note of the tri­tone sub­sti­tute chord in bar 5 to make it D 9#11 (G on top), or even a D 13 (B on top). Same again in Bar 8: E 9#11 or E 13 etc, to give dif­fer­ent top note voice lead­ing from melodic mi­nor har­mony. Groovy!

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