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pick the note while lightly touch­ing the string di­rectly over the fret in­di­cated. a har­monic re­sults.

Fret the note as shown, then lightly place the in­dex fin­ger over ‘x’ fret (ah ‘x’) and pick (with a pick, p or a). Fret the note as shown, st‚ring but dig into the with the side of the thumb as you sound it with the pick.

Fret the note as‚shown, but sound it with a quick right­hand tap at the fret shown (th17) for a har­monic.

a pre­vi­ously sounded note is touched above the fret marked tch (eg tch 9) to sound har­monic.

Touch har­mon­ics

nat­u­ral har­mon­ics

Tapped har­mon­ics

ar­ti­fi­cial har­mon­ics

pinched har­mon­ics

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