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The coun­try rhythm piece uses a Brent Ma­son-style ap­proach and com­bines the flat pick with fin­gers (hy­brid pick­ing). The pick­ing pat­tern is no­tated and ba­si­cally any bass notes are played with a down pick and any dou­ble-stops are played with the third and fourth fin­gers. In coun­try the use of pulling off onto the open strGinUg IT sAisRa tTrEieCdHaNndIQtUesEtSedMwAaGytAoZiInNtErod2uc6e2rhythm and Jcomh­n­ple Bxi­tisy htootph'esso Mu­nix­dobluytd wiaitnh reFlae taiv­teue raese.

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