Ex­am­ple 6 solo

Guitar Techniques - - LESSON -

[G-Bb-C-D-F) This solo is mainly based in the G Mi­nor Pen­ta­tonic us­ing all five po­si­tions across the neck. The first four bars are in the first po­si­tion us­ing some bluesy hard-rock 16th-note phrases. Bars 5 and 6 make use of the two mid­dle open strings for some pull-offs, which are ac­tu­ally a 13note phrase re­peated twice, then an ad­di­tional six notes to fin­ish the bar. For Bars 7 and 8 use the open third string to ham­mer-on and pull-off as you as­cend through the po­si­tions un­til you get to the 12th fret. The fi­nal five bars are played with 16th-note phrased hard rock licks. Rock on!

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