Guitar Techniques - - LESSON -

[Bar 1] Di Franco is great at em­bel­lish­ing what we might term or­di­nary chords to pro­vide a melodic ‘top line’. It’s a great tool to have at your dis­posal, but just en­sure your fret­ting work is su­per clean for this type of play­ing.

[Bar 3] smooth bass move­ment is an­other hall­mark of a sea­soned gui­tarist song writer so if this move­ment from the D6/F# to Gsus2 shapes is new to you, make sure you com­mit it to mem­ory as it will come in very use­ful!

[Bar 15] For the chord at the end of this bar, you’ll need an ac­cu­rate fret­ting hand to en­sure the open fifth string rings out clean and clear.

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