Guitar Techniques - - LESSON -

[Bar 17] The mod­u­la­tion here al­lows us to look at some more melodic em­bel­lish­ments on reg­u­lar open chord shapes. You will need to make sure that the pull-offs on the C shape chords are crisply played and in time. [Bar 25] [Bar 18] By now you’ll have played the rhyth­mic figure at the end of this bar sev­eral times, but al­though the pick­ing pat­tern is a straight­for­ward ‘a,m,i,p’ pat­tern, make sure the notes are all grouped evenly and per­formed in time. note how a change in rhythm and the use of space is a great tool for cre­at­ing con­trast with the busier parts that have gone be­fore.

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