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ZZ Top’s bearded wizard is a good place to start our jour­ney. Billy's huge gui­tar fo 2rm 6 a 4t has filled sta­di­ums since the 1970s. The open­ing riff is played with pick and fin­gers. Any bass notes on the first string are played S wi in tgh pick and the dou­ble-stops are played with a pluck of and fourth fin­gers. The solo fea­tures a com­bi­na­tion of slide and fret­ted notes. If you place the slide on your fourth fin­ger it is pos­si­ble to play the open­ing fret­ted notes and then tran­si­tion to the slide. Our track takes in­spi­ra­tion from ZZ Top clas­sics like Tush and Sharp dressed Man.

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