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cd track 67

Guitar Techniques - - LESSON -

More su­per-cool bluesy phras­ing in this ex­am­ple. i’d like to high­light the uni­son idea in bar 4 that demon­strates play­ing the same note on two dif­fer­ent st4rinxgxsx,xexxxpxloxxitx­ing the con­trast­ing tones and al­low­ing us to create rhyth­mic in­ter­est on a sin­gle note. The ori­gins of this de­vice in jazz can be traced back to sax­o­phon­ists such as Lester Young (check out his solo in Count Basie’s Lester Leaps in); horn play­ers refer to this tech­nique as ‘false fin­ger­ings’.

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